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Luca Strozzi, Model-Driven Design Specialist, Swisscom

Swisscom uses a reduced set of UML features, and defines a Swisscom grammar on top of it: allowed/non-allowed element and connector stereotypes, usage rules, diagram types and layouts, best practices and naming conventions.

To ensure that rules are followed, the user and an expert system work in tandem: the former contributes with knowledge, intelligence and “gut feelings”; the latter provides speed, depth of analysis and perfect knowledge of the grammar. The human/machine interface is carefully studied to be simple and effective, which motivates the name “Take a S.E.A.T.” (Simple Enterprise Architect Tool). After just six months from introduction, “Take a S.E.A.T.” has virally propagated to 120 happy Swisscom employees.


Luca is a professional Enterprise Application Integration solution architect, with experience in SOA architectures, telecommunication, integration projects and middleware, product development, model-driven design methodologies.

As Enterprise Architecture and Methodology at Swisscom since 2013:
– Luca is directly involved in conceptualising, evaluating and implementing Enterprise Architecture Methodology for a 1000-people heterogeneous organisation
– Luca trains and coaches individuals and organizations in Swisscom’s Model-Driven Methodology
– Luca supports the roll-out the Model-Driven design methodologies across the company
– Luca is chief architect of the Tooling Strategy program, and Tooling Change Board
– Luca has conceptualized, architected, designed and developed an automated Issue Checking and auto-Resolution tool
– Luca supports Swisscom teams in the creation of a Model-based Inventory for data models, business processes, IT functionalities, Applications and Interfaces

 Prior roles include:
– Integration architecture, design and development with EAI tools such as Tuxedo, Vitria and TIBCO (11 years)
– Product architecture, design, development (7 years)
– Researcher at University of Bologna, Computer Science