This week we had one hot topic on the table – several customs asking for options how to integrate various versions of IBM Rational Doors with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Sparx Systems:

The MDG DOORS was developed and tested for DOORS 7.x and 8.x.
But we have seen several customers successfully using it with DOORS 9.x.

DOORS NG is currently not supported.

DOORS NG could be integrated via OSLC – yet at this time Sparx Systems solution can only expose Requirements via OSLC – but Enterprise Architect can’t currently act as an OSLC consumer  read more..



LieberLieber’s Connector solution to work with DOORS is to use Rif or ReqIf Export/Import capabilities with DOORS. We build a specific addin for Enterprise Architect to read and write those files.

You can see a sample Video on Youtube

Those solutions are tailor made for each customer with our toolbox.

For DOORS NG we can build a bespoke Addin that will consume the OSLC data from the IBM backend.

If you want to discuss this in more detail feel free to contact us