I am fascinated about data visualization using city maps since I listened to a presentation of Prof. Claus Lewerentz in 2011. I have no experience in 3D programming. So I searched for a possibility to visualize the city map without implementing the 3D renderer by my own.

With CityGML I found a standardized XML-based format usable to describe all relevant data for city maps. There are different levels of detail defined, where you can display just blocks until photo realistic visualizations.

Below you can see the result of my first CityGML generation – shown with FZK Viewer provided by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. A SysML-tree was visualized as buildings and the height of the buildings is assigned with complexity data.


Such visualizations can be used to visualize software and systems engineering data in a very presentable and unusual way. Many engineering and traceability data can be expressed using 3D city maps.

If you interested in such visualizations of your data, contact us and we will find a tailor-made solution together.

Dr. Oliver Alt