I really like our Embedded Engineer solution for Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems.

It helps me build C or C++ code from within Enterprise Architect in a very efficient way. When using Lauterbach Trace 32 – I don’t really need an IDE for developing most of the day.

So I find it kind of disturbing to run an IDE (in my case Code Composer) that I don’t need a lot just to be able to compile the code I generated from my UML Models.

Enterprise Architect has an Exectution Analyzer that we can use to improve that situation a little bit. More Details can be found in an older Blog Post.

Here are a few steps that I need to do to be able to compile from inside EA.

I create a simple Batch File to build my project – in this case the command line is simply:
C:\ti\ccsv6\eclipse\eclipsec -verbose -noSplash -data “%cd%” -application com.ti.ccstudio.apps.projectBuild -ccs.projects %1 -ccs.configuration Debug


After testing it with a console window I go to Enterprise Architect and open the Execution Analyzer.


Then I select my main package in the Project Browser and hit the “+”


After verifying the package I simply copy my command line  and working directory in the Build Tab and select any Output Parser so the output will also be displayed in EA.

C:\Users\…\ESC\workspace2\build.bat miLLionenrad_working


Now hit OK – and it’s time to test it!


And in my case everything worked fine and I can now build from within EA.


If you use a compiler that is supported by EA you will even get nicer error/warnings support inside your favourite UML tool Winking smile

Of course this is not only possible with Embedded Engineer – it is a general feature of Enterprise Architect that should help anybody that is generating code from UML Models.