I did a lot of talks recently on some of the features of the Sparx Systems Cloud Service for Enterprise Architect. Don’t be distracted by the “Cloud” word it is also very well suited for on premise deployment.

Some Resources to get you started:

Webinar: http://www.sparxsystems.com/resources/webinar/model-repository/cloud/introduction/introduction-to-cloud-services.htm

Setup Document: http://www.sparxsystems.com/downloads/whitepapers/cloud-services-setup-sparx-enterprise-architect.pdf

It’s core feature:

Enable access to repositories via HTTP(S) (speeding up everything in many scenarios). Replacing good old WAN Optimizer.

I prefer to call it “Server”.

Today I had some discussion with 2 Clients – they didn’t understand why “integrated security” for MS SQL Server Connections is not working – this chart helped them understand:

Cloud Service Deployment

You can only use “ONE” AD user to access all your Databases – to do so you need to setup the service to be executed under that user:



If you have issues or questions around the cloud service feel free to contact us sales@lieberlieber.com