Prolaborate the innvoative Web Frontend for Enterprise Architect repositories has been acquired!
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From the official release:

Sparx Systems has acquired Prolaborate; offering users a cloud-based curated view of Enterprise Architect model data to help stakeholders and business users analyze, interact and make key decisions.

Sparx Systems Prolaborate provides the non-modeling community with tools for:

  • Social collaboration using model contents for better engagement,
  • Simplifying and sharing selected parts of the model with non-Enterprise Architect users,
  • Driving digital transformation, impact and decision analysis,
  • Taking enterprise models to C-level executives with confidence,
  • Reviews and workflows for better governance and quality management.

Sparx Systems’ CEO, Geoffrey Sparks has remarked of the acquisition:
“Prolaborate is a perfect complement to our Pro Cloud Server offering and brings the benefits of modeling and design-based solutions to a much wider audience.”

Sparx Systems Prolaborate is now available as a core component of Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server suite. New and current license holders of the Pro Cloud Server are entitled to 10 Prolaborate licenses.