A talk I recently delivered together with our Customer:

Join us on a surprising test drive with VW and let yourself be inspired by the fact that the Wolfsburg car manufacturer is entering a new era of software and system development with MBSE! In the meantime, model-based systems engineering has risen from a niche topic to a central paradigm in development at Europe’s largest automobile manufacturer. In a joint webinar, Daniel Siegl (LieberLieber) and Hermann Gollwitzer (VW) highlighted the background to this development and the role LieberLieber plays in implementing this fundamental change.

“The control of all versions and variants of the models created in the development process was the most important requirement for the stable anchoring of MBSE in the company. LieberLieber supported us very well in this with their profound practical knowledge as well as with tools such as Enterprise Architect and LemonTree, thus promoting internal conviction”, explains Hermann Gollwitzer of VW.

So click into the webinar right now and let VW inspire you for your own MBSE plans: