Ernest Stambouly of Achillis Inc. just announced a Webinar Series on “Model version Control”!

The series will start on TUESDAY MAY 4, 2021 at 11AM EDT with: The Path to Product Family Engineering with MBSE

We know Ernest for 10+ years and it will be super exciting how he tells the storry from his angle!

You can find all the details and the registration link on his recent blog article:

from the Blog:

Product Family Engineering (PFE) is an extraordinarily complex challenge requiring a strategy for specifying, maintaining, and deploying product variants across varied markets, from a single base specs and reusable artifacts.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a natural fit for approaching this challenge because it was conceived as a thinking tool for engineering teams to manage the complexity of large scale and complex product development throughout their lifecycle. This is one of the reasons MBSE is in popular demand in large business enterprises, aerospace, and defense.

Model-based methods and techniques can be successfully utilized for producing specific product models and for managing product family evolution at reasonable cost. However, making existing MBSE environments PFE-capable requires the confluence of adequate methodology, enterprise architecture, languages, and tools. For example, standard enterprise modeling languages today already have a built-in extension mechanism to incorporate product family concerns for use by engineers and developers. On the methodology side, proper practices for version control and configuration management are a precursor for successful product family management.

As importantly, capable tools are a prime requirement for visualizing the trees of model and code versions, the visual differences amongst them, and the ability to mix, match, and merge changes, error-free, from various sources for the sake of coordinating and collaborating effectively and efficiently with trading partners, providers, and intra-enterprise teams involved in the same project.

Such PFE-enabled development environment enables teams to perform within manageable costs, improving time-to-market significantly thanks to reduced time, effort, money, and headaches, while attaining high levels of product quality and safety standards.

In this 3-webinar series, you will learn how to incrementally approach product family engineering from within your standard MBSE environment: what tools will be needed; what architectural concerns must be addressed upfront; and how to take advantage of existing standard modeling languages, such as, the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) and the Unified Modeling Language (UML), to overcome the PFE challenge.