It is my pleasure to announce that I have the honor to talk about my favourite topic at Models 2021 on 12.10.2021 17.10 (CET)

Towards Devops and Continuous Integration with (MBSE) Models

Establishing sustainable modeling is a challenge for most organizations – the collaboration and complexity are not trivial! DevOps with Models seems to be a promising approach to help solve those challenges! I will show in a practical Demo how some of our customers leverage Continuous Integration/ DevOps with Enterprise Architect, Git and LemonTree already today. We will also touch on future scenarios that are deploying soon.

So this will not be Slide Karokee but I will show a demo with Enterprise Architect, GitHub, SmartGit, LemonTree, Embedded Engineer, Teamcity, Pro Cloud Server, Prolaborate, …… and hopefully a special guest 😉