Integration Tortoise Svn and bugtracking tools

There is an easy way of integrating bugtracking tools into tortoise svn using properties.
Just add following properties to your working copy (don’t forget to apply them recursively):
-bugtraq:url (enables link to bugtracker and shows Bug-Id column in tortoise)
-bugtraq:message (enables Bug-Id input field on commit)



Defect:  %BUGID%.

%BUGID% is replaced with the issue number you entered on commit.

For more details see the tortoise documention.

6 comments on “Integration Tortoise Svn and bugtracking tools

  1. That’s really useful! Thank you!

    * Which minimum version of TortoiseSVN is required?
    * Has anyone tested/used this with JIRA?

    Harald-René Flasch (aka hfrmobile)

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