Integration Tortoise Svn and Jetbrains Youtrack

This article describes the integration of Tortoise Svn and Jetbrains Youtrack.
On the working folder of your project you need to set three properties (don’t forget to apply them recursively):

  • bugtrac:message -> message for commit (%BUGID% is replaced with the issue number on commit)
  • bugtrac:url -> url to youtrack server (%BUGID% is replaced with the issue number on commit)
  • bugtrac:number -> false, because Youtrack uses an alphanumeric project id

If all is configured correctly you should be able to use the Youtrack IssueId in the commit dialog of Tortoise:

This work also if you use the Visual Studio Plugin AnkhSvn:

Now you can use integration of Youtrack in the Log Messages dialog of Tortoise. The entered Youtrack Id is converted to a working link to this issue.

Just click it to open the issue in youtrack.

3 comments on “Integration Tortoise Svn and Jetbrains Youtrack

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  2. A couple of notes:

    - Recent TortoiseSVN versions have a specific visual dialogue to enter all these properties (whether that makes it more or less helpful is another story).

    - This feature shouldn’t be confused with the advanced integration that requires third-party plug-ins and allows to e.g. fetch tickets from the tracker.

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