We are currently very busy in preparing the next Release of AMUSE – most of the features are allready completed so we compiled a little Video!

Currently implemented new Features:

  • smaller and faster Setup
  • Single Step Simulation
  • Sub and extended Diagrams will be opened on simulation
  • Simulation stops if user switches Diagram
  • improved external Reference feature (easier for .net implementations)
  • Possibility to update Referenced (easier for .net implementations)
  • Testcases can  be defined via contraints and are taken into account during simulation
  • AMUSE Addin Window in Enterprise Architect 8.0 is now dockable
  • Toolbar gives for better usability than the previous context menus

[mediaplayer src=’/wp-content/uploads/AMUSE1.5.wmv’ autoLoad=1 ]

It can also be downloaded.

We are still working on other new Features like the possibility to simulate Activity Diagrams – and a HTTP Bridge to connect Embedded Hardware….

Other than that we are working on a showcase for Windows CE and Lego Mindstorms….